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Chile is a country located between the Ocean Pacific and the Andes Cordillera, with 4.300 km of length and only 180 km average width. It has a surprising diversity of landscapes, ranging from ice-covered areas with imponent mountains in the South to deserts in the North. The amazing landscape, the rich culture, the adventure sports, the gastronomy and the great wines are some of the inumerous attractions of Chile.

Below we have a short description from the areas we are offering packages:



Santiago is one of the most interesting capitals of South America. The social and cultural life with many theaters, museums, art galeries and cinemas is intense. Other good attractions are the parks, churches, and the center of the city, with the busy main square- Plaza de Armas and many shops, bars and cafes.

On clear days, it's possible to see the Andes Cordillera on the distance, with impressive mountains up to 6.000 meters high, distant only 100 km from Santiago. 


Central Area- Viña del Mar & Valparaíso

The central area of Chile has about 75% of the population and is the economical centre of the country. The main city is the capital Santiago. Viña del Mar is the favorite beach destination of the Chileans during the summer, with the Pacific cold waters and a busy cultural life. Valparaíso is a fascinating town, with exotic houses, the beach house of the chilean poet Pablo Neruda and urban originality as the 16 elevators that serve as public transport connecting the hilly geography. An agitated cultural life with its many University students and the harbour completes the charm of this unique town.


Atacama and Arica

The Atacama Desert is considered the most arid desert on the planet. Nevertheless, its highland topography allows the existence of oases with abundant flora, lakes of astonishing colours, active volcanoes and a variety of wildlife. It is also a rich reserve with countless curiosities, such as geysers, natural hot springs and unusual geological shapes. 

Arica is situated in the extreme North of Chile. One of the main attractions is the National Park of Lauca, in the boarder with Bolivia, with lakes, vulcanoes and impressive scenary. The road from Arica starts at sea level, going up to around 4.600 meters of altitude. 


Lakes Region

Located in the center-south of Chile, the Lakes region has 07 important National Parks, with many vulcanoes, lakes, rivers and mountains, with the onipresent Andes Cordilera in the background. The area is very popular for the practice of adventure sports such as skiing, canoeing, rafting, trekking and mountaineering. The main towns are Temuco, Puerto Montt, Villarica which has a vulcanoe also called Villarica, Pucón with the National Parks and its many attractions for radical sports and fascinating scenery, featuring vulcanoes, snow capped mountains, rivers, waterfalls and big valleys. Puerto Varas, Valdivia and Osorno are also located in the Lake area and offer many attractions 


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