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Southern Pantanal - Brazil




Pantanal is an ecological paradise. It has an incredible mix of ecosystems including fields, wetlands and forests, with influences of the Amazon Rainforest, Savannah and Caatinga. The Pantanal hosts a great variety of fauna and flora, both aquatic and terrestrial.

It is also the largest wetland area in the world. During the year there is a seasonal change of the water level. This flooding and drying of the land has dictated the life and habits of the animals in the area and produced an inland paradise with an unforgettable spectacle of sounds and colours.

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You can explore the wetlands and rivers of Pantanal on foot, horseback or boat. Stay on a farm and live life as a cowboy, riding horses and fishing at the local rivers, or stay at a small and cosy family “Pousada” where many activities such as photo safaris, alligator spotting and bird watching are available. 



The anual cicle of flooding is the main reason for the big diversity and amount of fish in Pantanal. The species with importance for sport fishing activities are associated with the areas flooded the most. There are about 263 species listed, and 85% of those are from the Ostariophysi superordem, including fish like Pacu, Dourado, Pintado and Cascudo.  The phenomenon of "piracema", with the fish migrating upcurrent for reproduction is observed in Pantanal and during this period fishing is forbidden.




The accommodation is in either Pousadas* or farms, always catering for a small number of guests. The food is homemade and generally cooked in wood burning stoves. 

*Pousada is a small family run Inn




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