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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Sugar Loaf Mountain, Pao de Acucar, Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Rio de Janeiro is a city of astounding beaches, dense mountain forests, spectacular festivals, festas, music, and creative artists. The city is a melting pot of various cultural backgrounds, a well as diverse languages and delicious cuisines. Rio stands for a city of adventures, surfing, sailing, mountain hiking, and rock climbing. The city is a cultural, economic, and financial hub with a special charm and passion for life.

The Tamaio people were the aboriginal inhabitants of the Baia de Guanabara area. The Portuguese sailor Gaspar de Lemos landed at the large bay in 1502. The French settled first in 1555, but the Portuguese expelled them and took the Tamaio in slavery. The original inhabitants were completely annihilated by the end of the 17th century. The regular supply of African slaves secured labor force for the sugar plantations and the gold mines. Rio de Janeiro became the third most important city in Brazil. In 1807, the army of Napoleon entered Lisbon and Prince Dom Joao sailed with his court to Brazil. The prince, who fell in love with Rio, became the official ruler of Brazil. Then, Rio de Janeiro experienced its Golden Age between the 1920 and the 1950s. The construction of luxurious hotels turned the city into a famous place of the Hollywood celebrities.

Rio de Janeiro is a famous host of carnival events. The Rio Carnival is one of the most spectacular shows in the world. The event includes street parades, balls and gala balls, lively music, and dancing and it takes place in February. Rio is famous for its white sand Copacabana Beach. The beach is visited by millions of tourists during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Adjacent to Copacabana, the Ipanema beach houses top notch cafes, diners, and shops. The famous Botanic Garden features about 6000 species of plants and trees. In 1992, UNESCO declared the park a biosphere reserve. The Sugar Loaf Mountain is a rock formation of granite and quartz, rising from the waters. The mountain is a favorite place for the rock climbers. The Corvocado Mountain is famous for the 1000 tone statue of the Rio symbol: Christ the Redeemer. The Church of Our Lady the Candelaria combines Baroque, Neoclassical and Neo-Renaissance architectural elements. The area is known for the Candaleria massacre: the killing of eight young men in the surroundings of the church. Lastly, Estadio Mario Filho is an open-air football stadium, owned by the Rio de Janeiro State Government. Seating more than 88 thousand spectators, this stadium is the largest in South America.


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A city tour is highly recommended. This tour shows you some of the better sites such as the Statue of Christ, the Sugar Loaf, the old buildings and the most famous beaches. You can also enjoy the nightlife of Rio. 


Pele, Football Brazil





There is a full range of International and Brazilian Hotels. There is a hotel with a golf course.       







Local Tours


Plataforma show 


Classic Brazilian folk show. The most important cultural features of Brazilian history are represented by a colorfully dressed cast. Such popular themes as Samba, Capoeira and Candomble are part of this 2 hour spectacle. The show can be booked with or without dinner at the venue ...


Samba school 


This is a visit to one of the different samba schools' gathering grounds where their rehearsals for the upcoming carnival take place. Mostly the schools can be visited from september till february when the carnival starts. It's a good place to discover how passionate Brazilians are about their particular carnival school...


Cidade do Samba show 


Without any doubt the best show in town apart from the real carnival. The show takes place in the newly specially build Cidade do Samba complex. The show is a masterpiece of 'mise en scene', costumes, and musical production. Food and drinks are inlcuded and the shows start around september and go till the end of the carnival...


FD City Tour of Rio including the Corcovado & Sugar Loaf


This tour is an excellent way to see the best of Rio if time is limited. In only one day you'll get the chance to visit both Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. In the morning, after pick ups, you will do a Panoramic tour of downtown Rio passing by the Sambodrome and a stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral which was built in a pyramidal form with an internal diameter of 96 meters and a height of 80 meters.

Familiarize yourself with the traditional Cinelândia Square with its historical buildings, the Municipal Theater, the National Library and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Through the Aterro do Flamengo, you will be taken to the neighborhood of Urca where one of the largest symbols of the city is located: Sugar Loaf.

You’ll travel all the way to the top in two steps by cable car. The first cable car takes us to Urca Hill, a vantage point 215 meters high for which already grants beautiful views of Guanabara Bay and its islands, the Rio-Niterói Bridge and Corcovado Mountain.

At this point, a second cable car takes us up to the top. At 395 meters we’ll enjoy splendid views of Copacabana beach, the Santa Cruz fortress and several beaches of Niterói.

After the morning tour, relax and enjoy lunch at a seafood restaurant. In the afternoon, go by the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (except on Sundays) on your way to reach the Cosme Velho Train cog station at the bottom of Corcovado Mountain to take the ride up to the top, through the dense Tijuca rain forest to the 38m tall (125ft) Christ Redeemer Statue. The guide has between 40 and 60 minutes to show the wonderful sights of Rio. From the top, enjoy the spectacular views of Rio and the surrounding countryside.

After riding the train back down, passengers are returned to their hotels.


HD Historical walking tour


This is a different and unique walking tour designed to give you a feel for the legends and stories woven through the narrow streets and old historical buildings of downtown Rio.
The walk includes a visit to many interesting points, such as the São Bento Monastery, Candelaria (the candle-makers), Praça XV, the "Travessa do Mercado", Imperial Court, the cultural centre located in the beautifully-restored Banco do Brasil, the Casa França-Brasil, Ouvidor (the listeners) Street and Gonçalves Dias Street with the traditional Colombo Coffee Shop.
The walk continues on down Uruguaiana Street, Carioca Square up to the Metropolitan Cathedral where passengers will meet the transportation that will take them back to their hotels.


FD Petropolis


The city of Petropolis is located 60 km away from Rio and has been called the Imperial City since the times of the Emperor Pedro II. Settled by the Germans, Petropolis keeps the memory of Brazilian history alive with its buildings and charming streets.

This tour starts with the visit to the Imperial Museum, which has been the summer residence of the Emperor D. Pedro II, and keeps furniture and objects such as the crown of gold, pearls and diamonds used by D. Pedro I and D. Pedro II.

The tour will continue on to the Gothic Cathedral where Princess Isabel was buried along with the tombstones of D. Pedro II and his wife. From there you will see the Crystal Palace, built in France and mounted in Brazil, destined to shelter exhibitions and great parties promoted by Princess Isabel.


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