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!! Carnival !!

Rio de Janeiro - 2013

February 8th until February 12th




The spectacular Carnival in Rio is a celebration of beauty, grandiosity, rhythm, samba and sensuality. The decoration of the city, the Samba schools, the amazing costumes, the colorful and creative allegoric cars, the beautiful people and the hot climate, all contribute to fill your senses and memory with incredible images and sensations.  


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Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival is only available as packages,

 with set dates and minimum number of nights.



Future Carnival Dates

2014: February 28th until March 4th

2015: February 13th until February 17th

2016: February 5th until February 9th

2017: February 24th until February 28th

2018: February 9th until February 13th

2019: March 1rd until March 5th

2020: February 21st until February 25th

2021: February 12th until February 16th

2022: February 25th until March 1st

2023: February 17th until February 21st

2024: February 9th until February 13th

2025: February 28th until March 4th


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